The IMO Facilitation Committee (FAL) discusses facilitation of international maritime traffic, including the arrival, stay and departure of ships, persons and cargo from ports.

The Forty-Eighth session of the Facilitation Committee met in London from 8 - 12 April 2024.  

Outcomes from FAL 48:

  1. Maritime Single Window (MSW) The FAL Committee continued discussions on the use of Maritime Single Window (MSW), which became mandatory for Contracting Governments to the FAL Convention on 1 January 2024. In addition, the Committee considered a proposed revision of FAL.5/Circ.46 on Guidelines on authentication, integrity and confidentiality of information exchanges via maritime single windows and related services.

  2. Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS) The FAL Committee continued discussions around regulating commercial vessels that can operate independently of human interaction (MASS) and approved the report of the MSC-LEG-FAL Joint Working Group on Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS-JWG). In addition, the road map on addressing MASS issues related to the Convention on Facilitation of International Maritime Traffic (FAL Convention) was updated. 

  3. Development of guidelines on Port Community Systems (PCS) The FAL Committee approved new guidelines on Port Community Systems.

  4. Digitalisation Initiatives The FAL Committee considered recommendations and proposals stemming from a recent survey conducted by industry partners on digitalisation within ports. The survey indicated a need for standardised and harmonised digital systems across ports globally, given the wide range of different port call interfaces and documentation among Member States, as well as the lack of IT infrastructure on many ships that would enable more efficient data exchange with ports.