The IMO's Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) is where maritime safety and security matters are discussed. Key issues that MSC is considering at the moment include the development of a safety regulatory framework supporting the reduction of GHG using alternative fuels and new technologies, and developing a Code for maritime autonomous ships.

MSC 108 met in London from 15 - 24 May 2024.  

Outcomes from MSC 108:

  1. Amendments to the IGC Code intended to permit the use of ammonia cargo as fuel were agreed, with adoption pending and entry into force expected in July 2026. In addition, a circular allowing voluntary early application of this requirement, subject to flag Administration agreement, is expected to be issued in December 2024.  

  2. The following amendments to SOLAS were adopted:  
    - chapter II-1 - emergency towing arrangements on ships other than tankers; 
    - chapters II-2 and V - including a number of fire protection amendments, and reporting of lost/observed containers under SOLAS Ch. V; 
    - chapters II, IV and VI of the LSA Code, including new standards for SOLAS lifejackets, single hook and fall systems on survival craft, and revised standards for lowering speeds when launching survival craft; 
    - chapters 7 and 9 of the FSS Code, including specification of fixed water-based fire-extinguishing on ro-ro passenger ships having weather decks intended for the carriage of vehicles, and applicable test standards for heat detectors and linear heat detectors.

  3. The agreement of the voluntary Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships Code is now expected to be later than anticipated, with the mandatory Code adoption also being delayed.

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