Coming soon…… In the next report in our “Fuel for thought” alternative fuels series we evaluate Nuclear for shipping.

In the quest for sustainable and efficient maritime transport, the industry is turning its gaze to a power source that has been propelling naval vessels for over six decades: nuclear energy. This formidable force offers a zero-emission alternative to traditional fossil fuels, promising a cleaner and more resilient future for shipping. 

With advancements in reactor designs and a push from influential figures, nuclear energy is emerging as a potential contender in the race to decarbonise the maritime industry. It offers the prospect of ships that can sail for years, even decades, without refueling, drastically reducing the global supply chain’s complexity and environmental footprint

The report covers including its safety considerations, drivers for adoption, production and supply chain, and technology readiness. We will also examine the potential implications of widespread adoption of nuclear and its role in achieving a sustainable future.  

Other drivers for the adoption of Nuclear as a fuel are also covered including regulations, lifecycle assessment, ship operator demand and techno-economic drivers. 

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Maritime training - Introduction to Alternative fuels and technologies

This course covers LNG, biofuels, methanol, ammonia, hydrogen, and electrification: properties, production pathways, safety and design considerations, and barriers to deployment.

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