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Marine Equipment - Certification

Marine Equipment – Certification

Lloyd’s Register offers marine equipment certification under the Marine Equipment Directive (MED) and United Kingdom Conformity Assessment (UKCA)

What is the Marine Equipment Directive (MED)?

The Marine Equipment Directive on marine equipment (Directive 2014/90/EU) sets out performance and testing standards to be met by marine equipment placed on board an EU ship.

This service is now provided by Lloyd's Register Marine Deutschland GmbH (LRMD), which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lloyd’s Register Marine Limited in London, registered in Hamburg under HRB 169644. Its function is to hold Authorizations, notifications and accreditations and specify the working methods and processes to be followed for local delivery of related services and schemes in conjunction with the operating businesses.

LRMD, an EU Notified Body (ID No. 2923) is the legal successor for MED Services of Lloyd’s Register Deutschland GmbH (LRD) and all work from LRD will be taken over by LRMD. This means that all existing certificates remain valid under the current LRD Approval. New, amended or renewed Certificates will be issued under LRMD.

What is the United Kingdom conformity assessment (UKCA)?

The United Kingdom conformity assessment (UKCA) sets out performance and testing standards to be met by marine equipment placed or to be placed on board a UK ship in accordance with the UK’s conformity assessment procedures

This service is provided by Lloyd’s Register Marine Limited (LRM Ltd.), an UK Approved Body (ID. No. 8512), which is wholly owned subsidiary of the Lloyd’s Register Group Ltd (LR Group) based in London, United Kingdom.

What do MED and the UKCA cover?

Both MED and UKCA cover types of marine equipment that fall under following International Conventions developed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO):

  • SOLAS 1974: Life-saving appliances/navigation equipment/radio equipment
  • MARPOL 1973: Marine pollution
  • COLREGS 1972: Prevention of collisions

For MED the design, construction and performance requirements and testing standards for marine equipment is provided in the Annex to Commission Implementing Regulation, which is publish in the Official Journal of the European Union

For UKCA performance and testing standards to be met by marine equipment are set out in the UK legislation (SI 2016/1025, as amended and in the Merchant Shipping Notice (MSN) 1874 (M+F), as amended.

What we offer

Certification of marine equipment under MED and UKCA require involvement of a Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) to assess products against requirements.

We offer certification for the EC and UK for: Type Examination (Module B), Unit Verification (Module G), Product Verification (Module F) and the production-control phase (Modules D or E) under the following categories of equipment:


  • Life-saving appliances
  • Marine pollution prevention equipment
  • Fire protection equipment


  • Life-saving appliances
  • Marine pollution prevention equipment
  • Fire protection equipment
  • Navigation equipment
  • Equipment required under Colreg 72
  • Other safety equipment
  • Equipment under SOLAS Chapter II

Our application process is quick and easy – to start the process please complete the application checklist, which should be submitted to the LR Local Office.

Find out more by about the process by downloading our guidelines here.

Find out more about the LR Type Approval procedures by downloading our LR TA 14 here

Why choose LR?

  1. LR has a long experience working with the marine equipment approval, as it has been one of the very first Notified Bodies appointed under the original Marine Equipment Directive (96/98/EC), which came into force almost 20 years ago.
  2. We provide one-stop-shop service starting from the initial enquiry to the issue of the certificate(s).
  3. Our surveyors help you through each stage of the certification process. This includes:
    • reviewing a technical construction file
    • assessing a quality control system
    • product sample inspection and testing
  4. Products certified by LR as meeting requirements of MED will be accepted by all European and most non-European flag states.
  5. Products certified by LR as meeting requirements of UKCA will be accepted to be placed on board a UK ships.
  6. Our global resources can ensure local country auditors who understand your business sector and culture.



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