Get ahead of the curve. Address the increasing concern regarding the noise level produced by seagoing vessels and its effect on marine life with LR’s Vessel Underwater Acoustics Survey service.


New international standards and regulations are anticipated which will restrict access to environmentally sensitive areas and to limit the types of vessels calling at ports to those which comply with stringent noise level standards.

Various regulatory bodies have issued guidance and standards and some port authorities either are applying, or are looking to apply, fee discounts to vessels that meet reduced noise level criteria.

Although the proposed guidance and regulations are not yet in place, the opportunity exists for you to prove your environmentally progressive credentials, setting yourself apart from your competition, with the ranging services we are already able to provide.

What we offer

Our Vessel Underwater Acoustics Survey service provides field measurement of the acoustic signature of your vessel for determining the level of noise it generates.

In-place public facilities and portable ranging tools are utilised to provide you with a cost-effective and convenient means to assess the compliance of your vessel against pending international underwater noise standards. To make things as easy for you as possible, we can schedule the survey to take place at fixed facilities near a major shipping route or be provided at a site of your convenience. We can even organise it, so our portable ranging system is taken directly to locations close to your busiest ports of call to minimise disruption to your schedule.

We will present you with a range measurement report on completion as well as offering an optional acoustic grooming service to assist you in implementing appropriate noise reduction measures.

What are the benefits?

Securing an accurate assessment of noise level can help you in attaining green certification for your vessel, avoid noise exceedance fines imposed in certain ports and help you to meet emerging international standards for noise levels.

Why choose LR?

Our experience in underwater noise measurement has been gained working closely with navies around the world in helping them ensure that their vessels meet stringent guidelines for noise. This has also provided us with direct access to 'one of a kind' proved facilities and equipment that we are now able to make available to commercial operators too.