Industry 4.0 is driven by innovation in operational technology. This exposes your critical assets to cyber risks on a whole new level.

Cyber attacks used to be confined to IT infrastructure, to be dealt with by IT departments. The following trends are changing the criticality of  cyber for asset operators:


Rise of connected assets

IoT is helping to optimise the performance of critical assets and infrastructure by providing unprecedented levels of connectivity and data flows. With the increased connectivity comes a new need to implement secure technology and processes to mitigate threats to operational technology.


New levels of autonomy

IT and OT used to be separated by a myriad of human-centered processes, allowing for an incremental approach to cyber IT security. With the boundaries of autonomous systems extending to whole production units and transport systems, these 'fire walls' are disappearing, thus increasing the size of a prize for potential attackers.


Failure destroys brand reputation

With the threat of cyber attacks effecting large chunks of critical infrastructure and operations, OT security is not just a matter of operational management but is a key item on board agendas, given the potential impact on brand reputation and shareholder value.

LR works with industry-leading technology partners to provide security solutions for your critical infrastructure

A truly holistic approach to cyber security

We recognise that depending on sector and operational process maturity, different security benchmarks and regulatory requirements come into play. That's why LR can engage across the whole spectrum of OT cyber security, starting from procedure audit and vulnerability assessment, all they way through to managed security services and training. 

Areas where we can help you

Cyber safety

We guide you through a non-prescriptive, fully integrated, risk-based approach to assuring the safety of cyber-enabled ships from concept to operation. We’ve developed technical guidance and the first ShipRight procedure for autonomous ships and autonomy levels that allows you to adopt cyber technology safely.

Cyber security

From guidance and training to vulnerability and impact assessments, we can help you develop a cyber security strategy that will work for your business now and in the future. We can help you keep your connected assets secure from cyber-attack and compliant with any forthcoming regulation.

Cyber performance

We apply our knowledge and expertise to extract value for you from your data, enabling you to make informed, actionable decisions to improve performance and efficiency. We use your data to co-create digital twins of your systems or assets in operation. We use these digital models to optimise performance by identifying improvements through advanced algorithms, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Lloyd's Register's video on cyber and digital services with illustration graphics.
Lloyd's Register's cyber and digital services

Our cyber security offering

Combining LR's assurance, business process & engineering consulting expertise with best of breed technology & service partners allows us draw on a wide range of services, tailored to each individual customer requirement:

  • Audit / assurance / compliance
  • Training & education / awareness
  • Advisory

We also work with trusted partners to offer technology and managed security solutions.

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