Ships and offshore assets are fully part of the digital world, with owners and equipment manufacturers able to remotely monitor, manage and actively intervene in maintenance and operations.

This presents huge opportunities for improving efficiency and performance - but also daunting security and safety challenges for a wide range of stakeholders.

At LR, we help you to maximise the benefits, and manage the risks, presented. As one of the world’s leading classification societies, we’ve developed the first definitive technical guidance note for Cyber-enabled ships, and the first ShipRight procedure for autonomous ships – notations you can depend on to help you make confident, technically sound and commercially robust decisions.

Applying our own guidance notes and procedures, we can help you to assess the appropriate autonomy levels for your vessel, then advise on which tasks can and should be performed by the system rather than people. Our guidance is based on your business requirements, technical feasibility, the economic, safety and security risks compared to a manual system, and any other operational, regulatory or legal constraints.