Predictions are that a significant number of ships today will not be compliant with emissions regulations in the near future. For the unprepared, the cost of carbon can be a huge disadvantage.

What if you could harness retrofit for your business advantage?

LR Retrofit Solutions not only prepares and equips shipowners for a world of energy transition, they also spark innovation and push the boundaries of possibility. Everything we do from ideation to execution, from initial scoping to operation of the vessel, spanning technical feasibility of the fleet, project management, design development through to fuel mapping and regulatory implications to de-risk the investment pathway, builds upon a foundation of reliability, sustainability, and safety.

EU Fit for 55: Navigate the emissions management journey

Access the new standard in emissions management and alleviate the administration and regulatory burden of EU ETS.

Why do clients choose LR Retrofit Solutions?

LR is a trusted strategic partner throughout the entire technical and commercial retrofit process.  We make it easy for customers to implement practical solutions to stay competitive and compliant and reduce their risk exposure in a fast-changing world.

From feasibility to conversion in the shipyard, we provide a full range of solutions designed to help clients identify what makes sense, what is possible, and what will work best.

Retrofitting makes ships more energy efficient, reducing emissions and saving money. Be Future Confident.