Remaining abreast of the competition and expanding into new areas requires businesses to have a detailed understanding of current and future market dynamics, which shape the feasibility of certain projects.

Our consultancy team can leverage detailed market knowledge, a global perspective, and local knowledge to assess current and future market trends, together with evaluating both the technical and commercial feasibility of projects and modelling scenarios for key financial metrics such as ROI.

What we offer

Lloyd’s Register has supported clients and investors enter new markets, confident in the technical and commercial feasibility of their business offerings. We have supported clients to assess markets and the feasibility of projects across the shipbuilding, future fuels and bunkering, OEM, Software, vessel ownership, and vessel operations markets.

Our market research experts develop supply and demand modelling, as well as scanning the competitive spectrum and identifying emerging trends and threats. Our technical experts evaluate existing assets and infrastructure and delineate the universe of potential assets which could serve the target market. Our financial team construct and review financial models, whilst testing sensitivities to key input assumptions and evaluating the impact on key financial metrics such as FCF, EBITDA, IRR, and ROCE.

What are the benefits

Accurate market assessments and comprehensive feasibility studies give organisations the confidence to invest. By covering the commercial, competitive, technical, and financial aspects of a project or market, our work provides the platform for governments, organisations and investors to proceed with confidence, knowing they are positioned to capitalise on market developments. Where appropriate, a feasibility study or market assessment will also signpost future developments beyond the current application to support the future evolution of a business area.

Why choose LR

We provide deep strategic, technical, commercial, and operational insights to help clients think through investment and divestment decisions, as well as undertaking market assessments and feasibility studies. We can assemble cross-functional teams leveraging commercial, technical, organisational, and digital experts to define markets including the compilation of specific dedicated databases to map a client’s market, competitive spectrum, and the feasibility of a proposed business.

Case study: Chowgule & Company LNG transport study


Chowgule & Company is one of the largest private shipbuilders in India, building, operating, and repairing large river fleets, barges, and MPV coastal vessels to name a few.

Chowgule appointed Lloyd’s Register to develop a market entry strategy and analyse commercial viability for entering the LNG transport market, with their new designs of smaller vessels, capable of running on Indian coastal and inland waterways.

The solution

We conducted a techno-commercial feasibility study regarding the deployment of small barges/vessels for the transportation of LNG along Indian coastal water and inland waterways.

The study involved mapping of the small-scale LNG market in India, and consumer demand for setting up associated infrastructure including LNG transportation assets on road, rail, and water.

The result

A clear market entry strategy was formulated with short-term, mid-term, and long-term viability. Our recommendations were backed up with cost economics viability for appropriate investment decisions in the small-scale LNG infrastructure.

We would like to place on record our sincere appreciation for the work undertaken by the LR team and to complete it with utmost professionalism and diligence, especially within the time specified. We especially appreciate the team’s deep involvement, commitment, and insights presented throughout the project.

Sr VP of Energy & EPC Business

Chowgule & Co Pvt Ltd