Our ship recycling services offer peace of mind to shipowners, operators, recycling facilities and their clients to help demonstrate their commitment to safe and environmentally sound practices at the end of a ship’s life.

Supporting ship recycling

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Lloyd's Register is committed to supporting safe and environmentally sound ship recycling.

We have in-depth knowledge of ship recycling legislation, standards and practices through our work at IMO, IACS and the International Ship Recycling Association (ISRA). We have represented IACS on Ship Recycling legislation at the IMO, and have made significant and ongoing contributions to the EU Regulation.

Our bespoke advisory and certification services have been provided for many sensitive ship recycling projects. We work with shipowners/operators and ship recycling facilities:

For shipowners: our unique Audit During Recycling service helps to provide assurance that national and international standards are met, including the downstream handling of hazardous waste.

Furthermore, we can apply our expertise to support you with all aspects of the ICS Transitional Measures, including Final Survey in accordance with the Hong Kong Convention and EU Ship Recycling Regulation, Ship Recycling Plan approval and review of the Ship Recycling Facility Plan (SRFP), helping further promote your commitment to safe and environmentally sound ship recycling.

We can help you follow best practice, attain independent assurance that agreed standards are upheld and regulatory requirements have been met, thereby minimising potential liabilities and adverse publicity at the end of your ship’s life.

Dozens of ‘beaching facilities’ have some form of certification, implying they meet acceptable standards – proof if ever it was needed that reputable accreditation and assurance is paramount. As part of our Ship Recycling services we want to help you stand out from the crowd and help you to give your clients full confidence that end of life ships are being recycled in compliance in a safe and environmentally sound manner.

With more than 15 years of experience working on recycling projects in China, Turkey, and India and a proven track record providing comprehensive SRFP, ISO 30000 assessments and certification, our ship recycling services are unrivalled and offer peace of mind to shipowners, operators, reputable recycling facilities and to their clients.

Lloyd’s Register verified ship recycling facilities

Recycling Facility Country Certification awarded Date awarded Expiry Date
JRD Plot 30 India HKC & EU SRR 22/11/2019 21/11/2024
JRD Plot 30 India EU SRR 10/08/2020 09/08/2025
Shree Ram Plot V7 & RK Industries Plot 78/81 India HKC & EU SRR 07/01/2020 06/01/2025
Y.S. Investments 59 India HKC 13/03/2019 12/03/2024
Y.S. Investments 59 India EU SRR 28/05/2019 27/05/2024
Leela Plot 35 India HKC 18/05/2021 17/05/2026
Leela Plot 35 India EU SRR 31/08/2021 30/08/2026
Bansal Shipbreaking Plot 25 & 39 India HKC & EU SRR 20/01/2022 19/01/2027
Priya Blue Plot V1 India HKC & EU SRR 10/08/2022 09/08/2027
Multi Ocean Shipyard Indonesia HKC 24/07/2023 23/07/2028
ALIAGA GEMI GERI DONUSUM Turkey HKC & EU SRR 24/12/2019 23/12/2024
AVSAR Turkey HKC & EU SRR 18/11/2021 17/11/2026
Bereket Turkey HKC & EU SRR In progress In progress
BLADE DENİZCİLİK GERİ DÖNÜŞÜM Turkey HKC & EU SRR 12/04/2021 11/04/2026
DORTEL Turkey HKC & EU SRR 15/03/2019 14/03/2024
EGE Turkey HKC & EU SRR 05/07/2019 04/06/2024
ISIKSAN Turkey HKC & EU SRR In progress In progress
KILIÇLAR GERI DÖNÜŞÜMLÜ Turkey HKC & EU SRR 30/12/2020 29/12/2025
LEYAL GEMİ SOKUM Turkey HKC & EU SRR 03/09/2021 02/09/2026
OGE Turkey HKC & EU SRR 18/08/2021 17/08/2026
SIMSELKER GIDA Turkey HKC & EU SRR 05/10/2021 04/10/2026
SOK DENIZCILIK Turkey HKC & EU SRR 30/07/2021 29/07/2026
TEMURTASLAR Turkey HKC & EU SRR 14/12/2018 13/12/2023

Expired yards

Recycling Facility Country Certification awarded Date awarded Expiry Date
ANADOLU Turkey HKC & EU SRR 16/09/2017 15/09/2022
JIANGYIN XIAGANG China HKC & EU SRR 28/06/2016 27/06/2021
ZHOUSHAN China HKC & EU SRR 28/06/2016 27/06/2021
LEYAL-DEMTAS Turkey HKC & EU SRR 22/06/2016 21/06/2021