Applicability: shipowners, ship operators, ship managers and ship masters.

As we seek to improve our services, transition to digital processes and reduce our environmental impact, we are making changes to the way we work. Following a review, Lloyd’s Register (LR) Fleet Services ESP Section will no longer issue paper copies of the ESP Survey File with the binding folders and the ESP Condition Evaluation Report. They will now be available electronically via the LR Client Portal

This change has been made, following a discussion with Flag state representatives, and complies with the requirements set by Flags for electronic approval and exhibition of ship records.

IMO ESP Code requirements

It is a requirement of the IMO ESP Code that, following the satisfactory completion of Hull Special Survey, the ship is provided with a copy of the ESP Condition Evaluation Report, periodical survey and thickness measurement reports for the Special Survey. 

Shipowners are responsible for maintaining the ESP Survey File onboard the ship and adding ongoing periodical survey reports (occasional, annual, docking, and intermediate survey reports) throughout the five-year survey cycle. This file is to be available for review by surveyors and any third parties. 

Records via LR Portal

LR traditionally sends two copies of these documents in an LR binding folder for placement on board. Shipowners are now required to access the LR Portal, where all the ship records related to the ESP Code can be found. Please access the Survey History section of the LR Client Portal

The following icons, representing their respective reports as detailed below, are available:

TM” – Thickness Measurement report
ESP” – An occasional, intermediate, docking, annual or special survey report
EHS” – The ESP Executive Hull Summary for the vessel on completion of the special survey
ASP” – The approved ESP Survey Programme and letter to commence the special survey

Shipowners are requested to access the LR Portal and download the information to ensure that the ESP Survey File onboard the ship contains all the required ESP documentation. 

The documentation is to be available offline, onboard the ship and on a nominated computer. This is to make sure that compliance with Flag requirements for the ESP Code can be demonstrated on board at all times and in all port locations.

Physical ESP copies

If your procedures require a physical copy, please contact your closest LR office to provide the ESP Condition Evaluation Report (Executive Hull Summary) on LR certificate paper. Our local offices will support your request should the need arise.

For further information

For further information or advice, please get in touch with your local LR office or contact

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