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The China Maritime Safety Administration (MSA) has issued a notice* announcing a special safety inspection period to prevent the failure of ships’ mechanical and electrical equipment. This period of extra scrutiny for ships entering Chinese ports and shipyards began on 7 April 2024 and runs until 31 October 2024. 

Foreign classification societies in China are also expected to enhance and improve:

  • Survey, inspection and testing during new construction
  • Survey of conversion, renewal or repair of mechanical and electrical equipment
  • Survey quality to reduce the risk of mechanical and electrical equipment failure.

Any such equipment failures on board must be reported promptly to the local MSA and follow Chinese port authority safety requirements. Failure to comply could result in delays, detention in port and legal consequences.

What should shipowners and ship operators do now?

Ensure the mechanical and electrical equipment onboard your managed fleet has been fully checked and tested before entering areas subject to China MSA regulations.

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China MSA Notice*

China MSA Notice - EN Translation

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