Retrofitting carbon capture solutions onto ships is an emerging yet vital technology aimed at diminishing carbon emissions within the maritime sector. This process involves equipping ships with systems capable of capturing CO2 emissions directly from the engine’s exhaust, thereby preventing their release into the atmosphere. 

Onboard carbon capture could significantly contribute to the maritime industry’s decarbonisation efforts. However, it presents design and integration challenges that must be addressed. Understanding the full scope of retrofitting implications is crucial, as it encompasses system-wide technical and compliance considerations which include planning, procurement, engineering, installation, commissioning, operation, and training. 

In essence, while retrofitting carbon capture solutions on ships is a complex endeavour, it holds promise as a strategy to reduce maritime carbon emissions. It necessitates meticulous planning, seamless integration, and strict adherence to regulatory standards. The content provided within this hub is invaluable for gaining insights into the technical, economic, and operational facets of retrofitting carbon capture solutions onboard ships.