Trusted advice essential to solving ship owner challenges.

Matina Petrou, South Europe Head of New Construction, shares her insights on new shipbuilding, retrofitting, and environmental compliance. 
In her discussion, Matina talks about the rising costs of shipbuilding and the limited availability of building slots. She examines the challenges faced by shipowners and charters due to the uncertainty of implementing new regulatory frameworks. With her expertise in working with Asian Shipyards, she helps our clients overcome these critical challenges and ensures a smooth building process. This instils confidence in all stakeholders involved, from the beginning to the end of the project.

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03:06 Newbuild projects in Europe with Matina

Newbuild vs retrofit: Technology, fuels and compliance

Meet Sherry Li, North Europe Head of New Construction, who discusses different ship type orders, fuel and energy saving features, freight rate plunges and common challenges on marketing competitiveness and compliance.

Sherry mentions how we partner with clients on research, development projects and JDPs with shipyards and designers to offer solutions that provide confidence, de-risk new investments and support the future of shipbuilding.


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04:45 Newbuild projects in Europe with Sherry