Can shipowners and operators retrofit their way through today's maritime challenges, or will only new construction do?

The decision to build or not to build is a conundrum that many shipowners in today’s market are struggling with. New construction is one option whereas retrofitting the existing fleet is another. Download the first booklet in our newbuild vs retrofit series.

Finding a practical solution to the problem of future-proofing marine assets against a rapidly changing regulatory landscape while maintaining safe and profitable ship operations is the path to decarbonisation that everyone is looking for.

Read insights and guidance from Roger Cornish, Global New Construction Sales Manager and Nikos Kakalis, Global Bulk Carrier Segment Director. Together they explore how regulatory developments, ship technology and digitalisation are shaping shipowners and operators decisions for the future.

Looking for more information on newbuild vs retrofit? Download the second booklet in our series: Identify the challenges to future-proof your fleet through the energy transition.

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