As an industry leader in Advisory Services, we understand the needs and value chains of key maritime stakeholders. Our expertise is broad, extending through specific decarbonisation technologies into overarching energy transition plans across entire fleets and ‘fleets of fleets’.   

Navigate the energy transition in a safe, commercially viable and scalable way 

Comprehensive and trusted, our expert advice enables maritime organisations to manage the downstream benefits and risks of their energy transition decisions with confidence. Combined with our innovative solutions, we provide the insights organisations need to operate profitably even while navigating the early stages of an energy transition. 

Regulatory expertise to manage your emissions 

LR Advisory services help our clients take control of their unique regulatory journey and gain both a comprehensive understanding of their risk-profile in the new regulatory environment, and a competitive advantage by managing their exposure to new costs. 

When you work with us you leverage our deep regulatory expertise. We will help you to define your regulatory baseline, model the financial impact of EU ETS & FuelEU Maritime, and identify options for exposure minimisation by conducting bespoke EU ETS & FUEL EU Exposure Studies. 

We set the standard in empowering clients to navigate the evolving and complex landscape of regulatory compliance by building bespoke strategic partnerships. Our subject matter experts (SME) and industry leaders meticulously evaluate major ship owners and charterers' regulatory penalty exposure and build solutions that provide a roadmap to streamline operations and effectively reduce emissions cost exposure  through techno-economic modelling and assessment.  


We are a trusted strategic partner throughout the entire technical and commercial retrofit decision-making and implementation process.​ 

From feasibility to conversion in the shipyard, we provide a full range of services designed to help clients identify what makes sense, what is possible, and what will work best, so they can implement practical solutions to stay competitive, compliant and reduce their risk exposure in a fast-changing world. 

Why choose LR? 

LR is committed to tackling the maritime industry's biggest challenges and believes that the energy transition is one of the most pressing issues we face today, and a strategic opportunity for our clients.

In the middle of this energy revolution businesses need expert advice and innovative solutions grounded in a deep understanding of the industry to lead the transition to a sustainable future. That is why we are focused on playing an essential role in building decarbonisation solutions for a wide range of industry stakeholders.

We harness our expertise, solutions and talent, backed by over 260 years’ experience, to assure the safety, fitness for purpose and performance of maritime assets and new technologies, helping our clients to separate risk from opportunity and make sound, sustainable business decisions.

Making it possible to meet the incredible challenge of the energy transition.

EU Fit for 55: Navigate the emissions management journey

Access the new standard in emissions management and alleviate the administration and regulatory burden of EU ETS