Overridable Engine power limitation (EPL) and Overridable Shaft Power Limitation (SHaPoLi) are two methods used by some ships to assist meet Energy Efficiency eXisting ship Index (EEXI) targets for compliance with MARPOL.  The EPL/ShaPoLi systems are designed to be overridable, to allow the use of the power reserve in emergency situations and are required to meet the requirements of the IMO guidelines, as contained in IMO res. MEPC.335(76).

Onboard Management Manual (OMM)

The SHaPoLi / EPL system should be accompanied by an approved OMM for SHaPoLi / EPL that should be permanently on board the ship for inspection.  
Any use of a power reserve should be recorded in the record page of the OMM for SHaPoLi / EPL.

Reporting of use of the power reserve

The IMO guidelines require that in cases of having used a power reserve, the ship should without delay notify its Administration or RO responsible for issuing the IEE certificate and the competent authority of the relevant port of destination with the information recorded in accordance with paragraph 3.2 of the IMO guidelines.

To report use of power reserve (where LR has issued the ship’s energy efficiency certificate) please complete the information shown below and include any files which are relevant to the submission (all fields are mandatory unless indicated otherwise):