Fuel is the second largest running cost of a ship, and its quality can vary significantly around the world. It’s critical that you can validate your fuel quality and quantity, and manage it safely, from the start.

When it comes to fuel-related problems, prevention is better than cure

Off-specification or contaminated fuel can put the safety, operational and environmental performance of ships at risk. While you may not have yet experienced an adverse effect on performance or serious damage to your fleet, you may not want to take the risk of potentially costly downtime. Particularly as, on average, ship operators and wider stakeholders report an average of 2.8 quality issues that result in lost time per year.

Optimise your performance and your confidence with our world-class fuel support

Our fuel testing solutions can reduce your risk by ensuring that you receive the quality and quantity of fuel that you require – at every stage.

Access our world-leading expertise to help you to:

  • Prevent engine failure and damage, maintenance and replacement of parts, de-bunkering and re-fuelling, due to poor fuel quality
  • Ensure the fuel is on-spec and fit for use
  • Ensure compliance with global directives and regulations, and insurance underwriter requirements, with minimal operational impact
Fuel assessment and quantity verification in an uncertain era

What are the current key issues in bunkering?

Confidence in marine fuels

With fuel accounting for up to 60% of a ship’s operational costs, you want to ensure that you can receive the quality and quantity you expect, manage it safely and optimise its performance.

Read our guide to discover how our world-class fuel specialists and package of services will help you feel assured in your fuels.

Helping you validate fuel quality

We understand the challenges you face as a shipowner or operator when purchasing marine fuels. That’s why we offer you technical support and advice at every stage, from supply and bunkering to fuel management and system performance, to help you save costs in the long run.

Our dedicated teams provide 24/7 support – available whenever you need them – should poor quality fuel be detected, or should you want any further high level technical, engineering or fuel management advice.

We’ve invested over 40 years in the development of our fuel testing and advisory service so that you can feel assured in the quality of your fuels and your regulatory compliance.

NOx from marine diesel engines using biofuels

This technical update consolidates client experience and industry feedback from sea trial findings on NOx emissions when using biofuels.