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Casualty costs

Our market leading experience means your staff have the best support available. They will understand the situation, the consequences of remedial actions, and have confidence in making the correct decisions for the best course of action in the quickest time, avoiding costly errors and delays.

This helps to ensure the best prospect of keeping the impact on the business and reputation to a minimum through all stages to recovery and ensure continuity of trading.

In many cases our support has resulted in real costs being substantially reduced, sometimes by $ millions and avoided the need for salvage.

With SERS, having a pre-prepared ship model provides a very high certainty of meeting USCG NTV and other response timeframe requirements, avoiding fines and ensuring continuity of U.S. trading. View slides on how LR's SERS helps satisfy USCG NTVRP requirements.

Ensures trouble-free liaison with National and Local Authorities, Flag Administrations and salvors where required, keeping downtime to minimum.

SERS office

Daily costs

SERS enrolment and subscription greatly reduces the in-house costs that would otherwise be required in maintaining the standards of readiness that are vital to minimise casualty risks: staff availability and training, resources and facilities, equipment, software and licenses, service development etc.

It also helps with certification for GREEN AWARD which can mean substantial reduction on port dues, insurance premiums and other marine fees.

Enrolling your entire fleet with LR ensures consistency in application of the best standards of practise and reduces administrative workload.