In response to the overwhelming interest and enquiries received during our Fuel for thought webinar "Is this Methanol’s moment?" , we're thrilled to present an exclusive video interview by our host Craig Eason with Sobhith Hariharan, our global shipbuilding expert.

Our video interview takes a deeper dive into the most popular and thought-provoking questions that emerged during our "Fuel for Thought" Methanol webinar. We've carefully selected and addressed the questions that resonated most with the audience during the webinar. This engaging conversation is designed to provide clarity, insights, and valuable perspectives on the topics raised pertaining to methanol as an alternative fuel for shipping. Questions covered include:

  • How does the energy content of methanol compare to traditional marine fuels?
  • How does grey methanol compare to other fossil fuels in terms of emissions? 
  • What are the challenges regarding methanol bunkering and storage stations either in port or on board ships?
  • What are the technical challenges and costs associated with retrofitting existing ships to use methanol as a marine fuel?
  • How does methanol's corrosiveness affect ship engines and fuel systems, what steps can be taken to mitigate corrosion related issues? 
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24:24 Fuel for thought: Methanol Webinar Q&A

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