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1:55 Overview of Emissions Verifier


The EU has set a target of reducing net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030 to help combat climate change and achieve climate neutrality by 2050 (Fit for 55). To meet the target, the EU is putting in place various pieces of legislation to provide a transition to renewable and low-carbon fuels across the maritime sector. 

ETS has been expanded to include the maritime industry in its requirements. Phasing in from 2024, parts of the shipping industry will be required to surrender sufficient allowance (purchased through auctioning platforms) each year, starting from 2025, corresponding to their previous years' GHG emissions. To do this, additional data must be recorded on ships' N2O and CH4 emissions in addition to CO2

The FuelEU Maritime regulation is a complementary regulation to the EU ETS ensuring that the greenhouse gas intensity of fuels used by the shipping sector will gradually decrease over time by promoting the use of renewable and low-carbon fuels and cleaner energy, promoting the decarbonisation of the maritime transport sector. 

In parallel, the IMO has established DCS (the Data Collection System) under MARPOL Annex VI to gather and analyse fuel consumption data, paving the way for future actions to reduce GHG emissions from ships. 

Due to mandatory data collection and verification, enforcing these regulations poses a major challenge for shipowners. The industry seeks reduced administrative burden and increased process transparency, and we aim to streamline compliance for simplicity and clarity. 

What we offer

LR is an accredited third-party EU & UK MRV verifier and a Recognised Organisation (RO) for IMO DCS. Upon submission of data from your end, we carry out the necessary checks and verification procedures with the outcome of the issue of the respective certification required to be kept onboard and presented at any interested party (Port State Control/ Authorities, etc.). 

We offer you compliance with regulatory requirements and keep you up to date with updates released for the same and new regulations. 

Voyage Emissions Report

What are the benefits?

The benefits of our Emissions Verifier online verification service solution include:

All in one place

Emissions Verifier acts as a single source of truth as all your emissions data and communication with LR Verifier is housed in one place, while you have complete control over your fleet, easily adding and modifying vessels and company details.  

Save time and effort

By using our easy, simple digital application, you can generate Monitoring Plans that you can clone, edit and avoid entering the same information multiple times, saving time and effort that will be assessed experienced LR Verifiers.  

Choice of data input methods

Emissions Verifier has an API and partner strategy to allow you to seamlessly integrate with your preferred VPMS platform (Vessel Performance Management System), while we are regularly adding more partners. Manual data upload is also supported.  

Per voyage validation  

Generate the Voyage Emissions Report to validate your voyage emissions data and share it with stakeholders throughout your value chain.  

Adaptability to future regulations

With Emissions Verifier, you can ensure accurate compliance with future regulations and requirements.  With our user-friendly dashboard, you can easily visualise your CII rating on a per-voyage level and identify outliers and areas of improvement.  

Why choose LR?

Emissions Verifier is a digital application designed to cover the growing needs of the maritime industry in emissions monitoring, reporting, and verification. Upcoming Regulations’ requirements will be supported (EU ETS, CII etc.) to allow timely preparation for compliance and verification experienced LR Verifiers. 

Our solution offers you the following:

  • Remote verification. 
  • Integration with your reporting system. 
  • Generation of Monitoring Plans (for MRV, FuelEU & SEEMP plans and will be updated to include the plans of the future Regulations’ requirements). 
  • Cloning of the Monitoring Plans of a company for the whole fleet, allowing changes the ship-specific data where required. 
  • Creation of xml. files for direct upload in THETIS (for MRV and FuelEU).
  • Per voyage validation and generation of Voyage Emissions Report. 

The VPMS for which an API is already set up in Emission Verifier include:

  • Fleettracker from Herberg Systems 
  • Bluetracker from Navis LLC 
  • S-Suite from StormGeo 
  • Cloud Fleet Manager from Hanseatic Soft 
  • PMSnet from M.A.C. System Solutions 

If you would like to request an API please fill out this form and send it back to dcsmrv@lr.org

We have a partner strategy to allow you to seamlessly integrate with your preferred platform and we regularly add more partners. If you are not using a VPMS but another software, please contact LR and we would be happy to ensure your data is successfully uploaded to Emissions Verifier. 



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