To reduce emissions from shipping, the European Union (EU) has introduced the shipping monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) regulation, which is designed to gather data on greenhouse gas emissions based on ships’ fuel consumption. Following the UK’s exit from the European Union, the UK government committed to maintaining the existing legislation that was already in place and therefore has established its own MRV scheme similar to the EU MRV.

In parallel, the IMO has introduced a three-step approach, based on collecting and analysing fuel consumption data, before agreeing on what further actions may be required to reduce GHG emissions from ships. The first stage of this journey is now implemented through amendments to MARPOL Annex VI, and is known as the IMO Data Collection System (DCS).

Implementation of these regulations presents a significant compliance challenge for shipowners and operators. Central to this is the regulatory requirement to undertake data collection and independent verification. There has been a call by the industry to reduce any associated administrative burden and provide process transparency. We’re here to make the compliance process as simple and transparent as possible.

What we offer

LR is an accredited third-party verifier for EU & UK MRV and a Recognised Organisation (RO) for IMO DCS. Upon submission of data from your end, we carry out the necessary checks and verification procedures with the final outcome of the issue of the respective certification required to be kept onboard and presented at any interested party (Port State Control/ Authorities etc.).

Compliance with Regulatory requirements and keeping you up to date with updates released for the same and new Regulations.

What are the benefits?

Our online verification service solution Emissions Verifier provides:

Easy navigation

  • Access to an easy, simple and quick way to monitor and report fleet’s emissions.
  • Have full control and manage your account.
  • Quickly identify reports’ status and track documents history.

One place to manage your fleets’ compliance 

  • Addresses the requirements of existing and upcoming regulations such as: additional greenhouse gases, Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) visualisation and more.
  • Readily available per vessel deliverables within the platform by the time verification is completed.

Real-time updates

  • Providing the opportunity to establish automated API (Application Programming Interface) data exchange with your VPMS (Vessel Performance Management System) to automatically pull voyages, as reported on board, when completed, eliminating the need for manual preparation and upload of voyage data.

Cross collaboration 

  • Facilitates the communication between the client and the verifier to reduce emails about related findings.

Why choose LR?

Emissions Verifier is a portal designed to cover the growing needs of the maritime industry in Emissions Monitoring, Reporting and Verification journey. Upcoming Regulations’ requirements will be supported (EU ETS, CII etc.) by the tool as applicable to allow timely preparation for compliance with the requirements.

Our solution offers you the following:

  • Remote verification.
  • Integration with your reporting system.
  • Generation of Monitoring Plans (for MRV & SEEMP plans so far and will be updated to include the plans of the future Regulations’ requirements).
  • Cloning of the Monitoring Plans of a company for the whole fleet, allowing client to change the ship-specific data only where required.
  • Creation of xml. files for direct upload in THETIS (for MRV) is supported within the portal.
  • Voyage-by-voyage verification is supported where required.

The VPMS for which an API is already set up in Emission Verifier include:

  • Fleettracker from Herberg Systems
  • Bluetracker from Navis LLC
  • S-Suite from StormGeo
  • Cloud Fleet Manager from Hanseatic Soft
  • PMSnet from M.A.C. System Solutions

If you would like to request an API please fill out this form and send back to dcsmrv@lr.org

If you are not using a VPMS but another software, please contact LR and we would be happy to assist you further in order to ensure your data is successfully uploaded to Emissions Verifier.