Using intelligent inspection supported by predictive modelling, LR’s Naval Vessel Life Extension services support the continued operation of your ageing naval vessels. We help you to reduce repair cost, increase vessel availability and minimise the potential for a shortened operating life.


Your naval vessels are complex assets with a number of characteristics not seen in commercial vessels, including the need to operate in extreme conditions. Their replacement is a challenging process, and premature retirement can significantly disrupt your naval operational planning and budgeting. Given the length of expected service at a high level of availability and limited budgets, we understand your need to find solutions that ensure your vessels are inspected and maintained in ways that mean potential issues are identified and dealt with as early as possible.

We work with Navies across the world to develop improved methods based on predictive modelling, ensuring our inspections provide a true picture of your vessel's condition. This is similar to the general life extension services we offer to the commercial fleet but reflects the unique characteristics of naval vessels, where inspections are hampered by insulation, equipment and piping, such congestion making access to the hull and connections challenging. Our service ultimately aims to assure that your ageing naval vessels can operate to the full extent of their predicted life.

What we offer

Our Naval Vessel Life Extension services will help you to identify the specific areas for renewal/repair that correlates to returning your vessel to a specified age condition.

We will also provide a timeline for remedial work and recommendations for further inspection or evaluation, as required.

We will offer you additional guidance so that your future periodic surveys will be maximised for efficiency and effectiveness, for example advising you on the inclusion of detailed surveys of specific areas at regular intervals where appropriate.

What are the benefits?

We should be able to help you to reduce your maintenance costs through more effective inspections and planning; you should also benefit from improved availability in your fleet because of the avoidance of unplanned maintenance or any reduced scope of operations.

We also help you to minimise the risk of premature retirement for your vessels that are nearing the end of their life expectancy.

Why choose LR?

We combine our extensive experience working with multiple navies across the world with the latest technology, to offer you the most intelligent and successful solutions. For example; fast-running tools for assessing fatigue damage based on voyage data that can provide you with detailed information about fatigue damage at all potential hotspot locations, not just a select few; or developing a range of fatigue assessment tools and validating them against naval vessel data.