If you’re seeking to get maximum value out of a limited number of costly, complex tests that will potentially damage the item to be tested, LR’s Explosion Testing and Trial Support service provides the solution.


Explosion modelling and testing is highly specialised and not a common engineering design requirement. When the service is needed, it is usually driven by a performance or compliance requirement which must be met for your product to be accepted in the market and by its users.

Access to explosion test facilities is limited and the associated costs can be high. Performing thorough preparation to identify relevant tests and instrumentation ensures that you get the information they need and not just large volumes of data that produce no actionable results.

Our Advanced Technology Group (ATG) provides Explosion Testing and Trial Support services to assist you with pre-trial planning; ongoing project and logistics management; and post-test analysis and data interpretation.

What we offer

We perform detailed modelling of blast interaction with the test article to determine if its design meets performance expectations. Before a trial, you will receive reports detailing analysis results and recommendations for a test programme that will thoroughly assess  the performance of your product.

We work with accredited test facilities to support the setup of your data acquisition and diagnostics and acquisition of specialised equipment. We can act as the interface with the lab and assure that instrumentation and material are in place as planned.

We will also perform a thorough analysis of your trial results using a combination of detailed modelling and data analysis to determine the cause of observed failures and damage. You will receive a report detailing results from the trial and modelling that either confirms the performance of your product or provides insight on next steps to improve the design.

What are the benefits?

You can reduce the cost of your trial campaign by allowing us to ensure the right tests are performed and relevant valuable information is obtained.

Our support provides you with greater insight into your design's performance under extreme load conditions.

Our services can provide assurance to you and your clients, that your explosion resistant and mitigation products will meet industry-accepted safety standards.

Why choose LR?

Not only do we combine a close relationship with leading defence test labs and access to in-house physically accurate, validated modelling tools, but our advanced modelling tools were developed in conjunction with government agencies, who have used them to support their testing programmes around the world.

We have proven expertise developed from our experience supporting material acquisition and deployment for trials at different locations in Canada and experience working with clients developing innovative products for environments with explosion hazards.

Our previous work in modelling a range of real-world products under tight budget and schedule constraints allows us to offer you the most efficient service possible.